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Cutting System

Cutting Line: computerized paper cutting machine, lifter, unloader, etc. 

This cutting line can make many functions: automatic feeding, unloading, tiding, carrying and piling sheets. It has characteristics of high efficiency, low labor intensity, short production time.


Perfect Operation

The leading humanized operation system in China shows the unique operation feature via intelligent computerized cutting. It including appreciation multiple programming modes, program protection mode, calculation function, and humanized operation of demonstrated feature.


KD/KL Cutting Machine

KD/KL series, with high-resolution 10.4”/15” touch colorful LCD, which extremely robust and sensitive touch screen considerably improves operator convenience. Configuring multi-language user interface, easy operation to active all functions via touch screen. Simple programming, and with the easy-acknowledged keys. Paper feeder adopts Japanese servo motor. The high accuracy feeder structure made high speed. The speed can be adjusted steplessly with maximum 18m/min, location precision at 0.01mm/min, and cutting speed 45tim/min. The hydraulic part of the machine designed by Germany has double-loop, dual-channel hydraulic system. The pressure of clamp can be adjusted from 150daN-7000daN and achieve Euro CE standard completely.

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